Enrollment FAQ

How do I apply to HCAM?

See the Application links on the HCAM home page. Choose to print and send a paper application or submit the application online. 

Who can attend HCAM?

Students living in Catawba County and surrounding areas can attend HCAM.  Applications for the upcoming school year are being accepted for rising 9th, 10th, and 11th graders.

If I’m from a school district other than Hickory Public Schools, do I have to pay out-of-district fees?

Just like an out-of-county student attending any HPS school, you will have to pay the related fee if you live in an attendance zone other than Catawba County.  For the upcoming school year, you must call the Hickory Public Schools administration office to find out the current fee. Any out-of-district student wishing to transfer into Hickory Public Schools will need to complete the required transfer paperwork. Please call 828-322-2855 for details.

When will I find out if I have been accepted to HCAM?

Checkout the enrollment page for details about the enrollment process.

Do I earn high school credits while at HCAM?

Yes, your course load will include credits required for high school graduation in addition to the college-level career/arts academy courses.

How can I get additional information and get answers to my questions about HCAM?

The website is a great place to start for information about HCAM.  Visit  http://hickorycam.hickoryschools.net/.  You can also call 828.328.6738.

Will transportation be provided?

Transportation will be provided only for students living within Catawba County.

How can community members / businesses get involved with helping HCAM be successful?

HCAM is very interested in partnering with the community!  Call 828.328.6738 or complete the contact form to find out more information about how you can help.

Will students at HCAM have a dress code?

As stated in HPS School Board Policy, all high school students, including students at HCAM, will be required to follow dress code requirements.  See dress code information here.

Will social activities (like prom) be held at HCAM?

Prom and Graduation ceremonies will be held each spring, as well as numerous other events. 

What if I want to participate in high school sports?

Students who attend HCAM are eligible to try out / participate in sports at Hickory High School.