Earth & Environmental Science


409 8th Avenue NE Hickory, NC 28601 (828) 328-6738 ext. 117


Teacher: Mr. C. H. Snellings

Room: 218



First Period: Physical Science Room 218                Third Period: Earth Science Room 218

               Second Period: Planning                                       Fourth Period: Physical Science Room 218


Earth & Environmental Science                       (2016-2017)

Course Description: Earth & Environmental Science (EES) will focus on the study of the global environment, space, and the solution and causes of current environmental problems. Some key points which will be focused on are the following:

-        Earth’s Role in Space                 - Lithosphere                     - Hydrosphere

-        Human Use of Water                - Atmosphere                     - Climate Change

-        Biosphere                                   - Human Behavior & The Environment

-        Sustainable Development


Grading Procedures                                      Grading Scale                        Grade Calculation

Tests/Projects     up to 100pts per assignment           A = 90% - 100%       1st nine weeks =  37.5%   

Labs                      up to 75pts per assignment           B = 80% - 89%          2nd nine weeks = 37.5%

Homework           up to 10pts per assignment           C = 70% - 79%                           Exam= 25%

Classwork            up to 25pts per assignment           D = 60% - 69%

                                                                                  F = 0% - 59%


Suggested Material/Supplies

-Scientific Calculator                                     -Flash (Jump) Drive          -Notebook Paper

-Pencils with Erasers                                      -Student Scissors               -Blue or Black Ink Pen                                  

Science Fee

There is a $10 fee for the science class which must be paid in order to have labs.  Due September 15th, 2017.


Classroom Rules

Students must follow ALL district and school rules.  Specific classroom rules will be posted in the classroom.  Special laboratory rules will be posted and followed during each activity/lab.  In addition to classroom rules and special laboratory rules, all HCAM rules will apply.

·        Follow ALL district and school rules

·        Respect yourself and others at ALL times

·        Participate in ALL activities and your own learning

·        Be respectful to ALL property

·        ALWAYS be prepared for class

·        ALWAYS be in dress code


Consequences                                                                                                              Incentives

First Offense =    Verbal Warning                                                                             Treats

Second Offense =              Lunch Detention with assignment                                              Stickers

Third Offense =  Parental Contact                                                                            Break Time

Fourth Offense = Administrative Referral                                                              Positive calls/letters

Severe Offense =               Office Referral & IMMEDIATE removal from class


Tardy Policy: Students must be in class, in their seat, and ready to begin class when the tardy bell rings, or they will be counted tardy in accordance to the HCAM handbook. 


Attendance: Students are expected to attend class every day in accordance with the rules outlined in the HCAM Handbook.  Students must be present for one hour of the class time in order to not be counted absent.


Parental Contact: Letters and progress reports will be sent home on a regular basis, approximately once per month.  Interim reports will be sent home every three weeks of the quarter.  Parents are welcome to schedule conferences.


Student Conferences: Students are welcomed and encouraged to schedule an appointment to discuss grades, performance, and other issues.  I will not discuss any of the aforementioned points during class time out of respect for the other students in class.


Tutoring/Extra Help:  Students who want or need extra help may see me before school, after school, during AE with AE teacher’s permission, and/or during lunch or planning if appropriate.


Notebooks: ALL students are required to keep an interactive notebook which is neatly organized. Notebooks will be containing all in class work and will be graded at the end of each 9 weeks.   (Note: Notebooks will be used as an NCFE exam study guide!!)


Paper Headings:  ALL submitted work is REQUIRED to have a first and last name, date, and class period in the upper right corner of the paper or they will not be graded.


Homework:  Homework will be assigned every day, except Friday.  Homework will always be due the following day at the beginning of class.  Homework will be posted on the board each day. 


Make-up Work:  It is advised that students make up any missed assignments as soon as they return to class.  Remember it is the responsibility of the student to ask for any missed assignments.


Food in Class: Food and drinks is a classroom privilege which can be removed at the discretion of the teacher.