Vigardt, Aaron

I love to teach English because I think everyone can benefit from being a better communicator.  I love reading because it lets me see the world through someone else's eyes.  I love writing because writing is organized thinking.

I teach Junior and Senior English.  This year both classes are starting off with Shakespeare's Julius Caesar.  In addition to this being one that I enjoy teaching, the themes from the play are relevant to events going on in the world today.  Remember, this is one of the many plays he wrote after his theater was shut down and he lost his income due to the plague. 

I first got into teaching by teaching ESL in South Korea.  When I returned to the US I went back to college and earned my teaching certificate.  I am originally from Illinois and followed my wife of 24 years to the Hickory area. We have two daughters, one at Appalachian State and one at the Discovery School in Newton. I am a veteran of the US Army (98-02, El Paso TX, Saudi Arabia, South Korea) and have worked over the years in a variety of different professions.  I hope that my background and experience allows me to meet students where they are and help get them where they need to be.


1. Credit Lab
2. English 3 (Remind code: 3h92hdc)
3. Planning
4. English 4 (Remind code: 644768)

If you need to contact me please email me at