Parkhurst, Jordan
                            Ms. Parkhurst

2019/2020 Schedule

Fall Semester:                                        
1st period- HN English 1    
2nd period- Planning
3rd period- English 1           
4th period- Edgeunity Credit Recovery  

Spring Semester: 
1st period- Edgeunity Credit Recovery 
2nd period-English 1
3rd period- English 1
4th period- Planning

AE schedule:
Mon: Reading Room 
Tues: Creative Writing Club
Wed: Homework Lab 
Thurs: English Tutoring
Fri: Homework Lab

Welcome! My name is Ms. Parkhurst, and I'm thrilled to be here at HCAM. I previously taught at Hickory High School, and this year, I will be teaching all levels of English 1. So, if you're a freshman, you'll be with me!

I use Google Classroom to post assignments, readings, reminders, communications, and other stuff. So, if you need any of that, please visit my Google Classroom.

If you want to learn more about me, look at my syllabi, read my FAQs, check out my classroom needs, get in touch, or get an idea of my goals, check out my website linked above!

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