Tosky, Mary Lee

Welcome! Great things are happening at HCAM!

We are working hard in Microsoft IT Academy (MOS-A) to earn Certifications in Microsoft Office Specialist for Word and PowerPoint, And Excel and Access 2016, and 
in the Spring, we will be studying Computer Programming 1.

Additionally, I am the faculty advisor for the National Technical Honor Society

My Fall 2017 schedule:

1st per    Microsoft (Word/Powerpoint)           9:00 - 10:25   
2nd per  Planning  10:30 - 12:25
             2nd Lunch Duty  11:25 - 12:00  
 Academic Extension / Homeroom*  12:30 -  1:00
3rd per  Microsoft (Word/PowerPoint)    1:05 - 2:30
4th per  Microsoft (Excel/Access)    2:35 - 4:00  

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1st MOS W/P  Complete and submit via email Click here
3rd MOS W/P Complete and submit via email Click here
4th MOS E/A Complete and submit via email Click here