Fall 2018

Instructor: Mrs.Yolima Escobar                        Location: Room 215 at HCAM                             Phone: 828-328-6768

Course Description

This course will prepare students with 21st Century foundations in Spanish Language. Topics include basic vocabulary, reading skills, listening activities, grammar instructions, culture lessons; blocs discovered experiences and cultural awareness. Class discussions and designed to prepare Spanish students to participate in beginning conversational forums and listening comprehension skills. Prerequisite: None.

Course Objectives

If students learn authentically (e.g., participate and complete assignments) they will be able to:

1. Use the language to engage in interpersonal communication

2. Understand words and concepts presented in the language

3. Use the language to present information to an audience

4. Compare the students’ culture and the target culture.



Grading System:

Class Participation                             10%             37.5% Q1

Class work                                             15%                 37.5% Q2

Quizzes                                             20%                 25% Final Test

Projects                                                  30%

Test Unit                                             25%                         


Required Text

-Realidades 1 by Prentice Hall (School provides it)

-Students will look and obtain articles and websites needed for class

Late Policy    

There are two different late policies (all projects and take home assignments are late policy b)

(a)   All class work must be turned by the next day that follows the assigning of the classwork. If classwork is not handed in then you will receive a 50% on the assignment.

(b)  One day late will be a subtraction of 20% from your overall grade. Every day that follows will be an additional subtraction of 10% until you reach 40%. These assignments will have a minimum grade of 40%.

Quizzes: Pop quizzes are always possible in the class. These will be on ANY topic we have studied so far in the class. Quizzes cannot be retaken. If you are absent, YOU are responsible to make up the quiz. You have to ask the teacher to see if you have a missed a quiz.

Test: Test will be announced a few days before they are given. The day before the test will more often be a review of the entire topic that can be on the test. This is the time to ask any final questions. Test cannot be retaken. If you miss a Test because you are absent, then you will have to make up the test as soon as possible.

Electronic Policy:

I.  Computers are not to be open unless the teacher allowed it. Ask before you open your computer.

II.  Handheld devices (cell phones, MP3, players, etc.,) are not to be out. If the teacher sees you with your cellphone out you will receive a warning. The second time you will have to “Hang Up” your phone. Sometimes in class you will be able to use your phone. Ask the teacher before you use.

III. During tests all handheld devices must be “Hang Up” until every person has finished their test. If you are seen with it before all the tests are finished you will receive a 0% on the test.

Grade Policy:

•  Assignments: These are graded by giving points for the assignment.

•  Quizzes and Tests: They are also on a point system but it is different. If you put nothing you will receive a zero for the assignment. If you answer ever questions on a test or quiz will receive at least a 50% on the test. Work will also give you more points for the answer if you are heading in the right direction.

Last words: Remember to keep up with the work in class you do not want to fall behind early and dig yourself out later. Remember you can always email or come talk to me. My job is for you to understand and feel confident in using this in the future. Best of Luck.

Contact of Students

Students will be contacted via their HCAM email.


ABILITY is what you are capable of doing…..

MOTIVATION determines what you do………

ATTITUDE determines how well you do it.

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