Civics And Economics

Civica & Economics Syllabus

Hickory Career & Arts Magnet High School

Mrs. Annas

Rm 212


Course Description

The state of North Carolina has designed Civics and Economics to teach students the skills and knowledge necessary to become effective citizens.  This semester-long course examines citizenship, government, politics, law, and economics in the United States.  The study of Civics and Economics is crucially important to students as the world we live in experiences such massive political, social, and economic change. This course is required for graduation and will equip students with the knowledge and skills needed to function in our society as a responsible citizen and smart consumer.

Class Expectations/Responsibilities:

  1. Students must follow the policies and procedures that Mrs. Annas has set for the class.
  2. Students are expected to be prepared for class. That includes having: NOTEBOOK, pen/ pencil, and homework. Coming to class without the necessary supplies, homework and textbook hinders the student from completing assignments.
  3. Students will be hindered from learning if they do not follow the dress code. If a student is seen in something other than dress code acceptable attire then a referral will be written and parent(s) or guardian(s) will be contacted.
  4. Students are expected to be on time for class. Starting class on time is necessary for students to reach class goals and objectives. Refer to Student Handbook for disciplinary measures (Rule 1). If you are in the hall when the bell rings you are late and will report to lockout!
  5. Students may not use their cell phone/headphones or any other technology unless instructed by the teacher. If the student does not comply with procedures put in place by Mrs. Annas, the issue will be handled by administration.
  6. Students are expected to be respectful to the teacher and to other students. Students are expected to actively participate and work cooperatively with the teacher and other students.
  7. School rules will apply and consequences will be given. See Student Handbook.
  8. Students are expected to complete their own homework, class work and tests. If a student is caught cheating, both the parties will receive a 0. This includes taking pictures of work.
  9. Students are responsible for missed assignments if absent the day it is assigned. With an excused note, students have five (5) days to complete missed work. The appropriate assignment will be in a folder on the wall corresponding to the day missed. On the day students return to school after an absence, they are expected to turn in any work due on the day of the absence. Mrs. Annas reserves the rights to accept late work outside of this guidelines, on as case by case basis.
  10. If a student misses an assignment it will be available in the “This Week’s Work” bin in the back of the room.  The bin is labeled by days of the week. The teacher will also make assignments available on Canvas when applicable.
  11. ABSOLUTELY NO PROFANITY will be tolerated in class.  “Think before you speak!” Use of profanity will come with consequence as outlined in the Student Responsibilities Handbook.  Mrs. Annas’ policy for profanity applies.
  12. Chrome Books: Students are responsible for their computers, as per the K64 guidelines.








  1. Homework will be a rigorous review designed to reinforce skills/concepts learned in the C&E class.
  2. Students not showing mastery of the skills/concepts covered in the homework will have opportunities during class and tutorials for additional practice.




Grading scale  A (90-100) B (80-89) C (70-79) D (60-69) F (Below 60)


Required Supplies:

  • Notebook/Composition Book
  • Paper
  • Pencil/Pen
  • Index Cards (100 count)
  • Highlighter
  • Binder


Tutorials and Parent/Teacher Conferences:

-Tutorials will be offered during the designated AE time.

-The teacher will be available for conferences by request only


Course Overview:

Unit 1: Civics & Citizenship

Unit 2: The Revolution: Moving Forward!

Civics & Government

Unit 3: The Constitution & Bill of Rights


Unit 4: 3 Branches of Government

Unit 5: VOTE!

Unit 6: Judge & Jury: The Legal System


Unit 7: Factors of Production


Unit 8: Personal Finance Literacy