American History II Syllabus

American History II Syllabus


Hickory Career & Arts Magnet High School                       Teacher: Mr. Alex Ward

409 8th Avenue NE                                                                        Room: 210

Hickory, NC  28601                                                                      Subject: American History II

(828) 328.6738                                                                              Email:


Textbook: Glencoe The American Vision - NC Edition, the web address for the online version of this textbook is

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Course Description:  The American History II course is a course designed to lead students through a detailed look at the events, people, and circumstances that formed our country and helped it to develop into the nation that we live in today.  The study of American History in the twelfth grade is designed as a survey course and a continuation of the American History I curriculum. After the study of American History I, this survey course will begin with the West. Throughout the competency goals, there will be some overlap of time periods to allow for teacher flexibility and to address the complexity of the issues and events. The overall curriculum continues to current times.  The focus of this course provides students with a framework for studying political, social, economic, and cultural issues, and for analyzing the impact these issues have had on American society. This course goes beyond memorization of isolated facts to the development of higher level thinking skills, encouraging students to make historical assessments and evaluations.


Classroom Materials:  Students must have these materials with them in class everyday:




               *Textbook- Must be checked out with Mr. Ward if you need to take one home.


The final grade for the course will be computed as follows:

1st nine weeks                                                 37.5%

2nd nine weeks                                                 37.5%

NC Final Exam                                                25%


Classroom Rules:

Students are expected to follow all district and school rules. Specific classroom rules are posted at the front of the class.    In addition to my rules, all HCAM High School rules apply.


o    Follow all district and school rules

o    Respect yourself and others at all times.

o    Participate in your own learning

o    Respect all property.

o    Be prepared for class.


Consequences                                                                                                                                                                                 Incentives

First Offense                                      Verbal warning/ student-teacher conference                           Happy grams or stickers

Second Offense                       Parent Contact                                                                                       Positive calls or notes

Third Offense                                    Office Referral

Severe behavior or disruption                Immediate removal from class and referral to office



Paper headings: All papers should have the first and last name, date, class period, and description of the assignment (i.e. hw p. 10) written in the upper right hand corner of the paper. Papers with no name will not be graded.


Homework: Homework will be scheduled at least 2 nights a week. Homework will be graded on a participation basis. This class utilizes Quizlet for vocabulary review and Google Drive as a resource for students to access notes and assignments on the internet. Students are to check the board daily for assignments. Please remember that studying is a form of homework and it can and will be assessed. Assignments are expected to be turned in on the due date and will be marked as a 0 in the grade book until it is turned in. No late work is accepted after the 7th week of each quarter.


Tutoring/ extra help: Students who want or need extra help may see me after school. If this time is not suitable please make time to see me so that we may discuss a suitable time. Do not wait until the day of or the day before a test or an assignment is due to seek help.


Make-up work policy: It is advised that students make up any missed assignments as soon as he or she returns to school. Remember it is the responsibility of the student to ask for any missed assignments. (See HCAM student handbook).


Tardy policy: When the tardy bell rings, students must be in the class and seated in his or her assigned seat in order not to be counted tardy (see HCAM student handbook).


Hall passes: Each student is given only 4 passes to use per 9 weeks. The teacher will not issue a personal hall pass to a student when he/ she has used the 4 passes for the 9 weeks.  (See HCAM student handbook).


Parental contact: Letters will be sent home and phone calls will be made on a regular basis. Progress reports will be sent home on a regular basis as scheduled by the district calendar. Parents are welcome to schedule conferences.


Weekly Assignment: As part of our preparation for the state test, students are graded on the creation of their own online vocabulary guide every Friday. Students will be given the rubric and directions to create this on-going guide at the start of each unit. A portion of this guide will be due for full credit each Friday by 11pm.


Student conference: Students are welcome and encouraged to schedule an appointment to discuss grades, performance, and/or problems in class. Class time is not the time to discuss your progress or grades.


Assessment Grade:  In addition to students’ traditional formal assessment at the end of each unit, students will be required to turn in a project each unit that shows the class how they grasped a major theme of each unit. As an A+ Plus Arts school, this project can be created in any form such as a performance, work of art, creative writing, or whatever their imagination can come up with. This project will be assessed before the test in a gallery walk by their peers using a rubric and will count as an additional test grade for each unit.


With the introduction of the Chromebook program at our school, proper use of technology is a priority.  In an effort to focus on the proper use of the technology at our disposal in the classroom, students will have points deducted from their participation grade each time that they are found to be on a site not being used for educational purposes.  Examples of this would include BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO game sites, social media sites(Facebook, twitter, Instagram, etc.), proxy servers, online shopping websites, or anything not being used for an educational purpose.  Additionally, any violation of the technology guidelines outlined in the student handbook will be reported to the office with an office referral and possible discipline consequences.  Certain sites(such as YouTube) can have both educational and entertainment value.  When permitted by the teacher to watch an educational clip for class, YouTube would be an acceptable site.  YouTube becomes unacceptable when it is being used for non-educational purposes such as watching music videos.  Determining whether the student is using these sites appropriately will be determined by the Teacher and not the student.  If a student is warned in a class period about inappropriate use of the classroom technology and continues, the student’s actions then become insubordination which is a referable offense. 



Students must come to class prepared to learn this includes having all the necessary material (textbook, workbook, notebook, calculator, paper, pencils, etc.) and assignments completed and ready to turn in. 30%  will be deducted for any work that is not turned in on the date it is due.