Sra. Metcalf

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Sra. Delisse Metcalf Sra Metcalf corbata

Spanish Teacher

About me ...
I am thrilled to be teaching Spanish this year to your fun and bright HCAM students.  I’ve loved speaking Spanish since I first learned it in middle school.  
I studied abroad at the Universidad de Sevilla in Spain my junior year at UNC-Chapel Hill.   I’ve taught Spanish  1-4 at high school for 13 years (plus 5 more years teaching AP Microeconomics and Macroeconomics and Civics).   I’ve traveled to 12 different Spanish-speaking countries.  I enjoy speaking, dancing, singing, eating all things Spanish!

Sra Metcalf at HCAM

2019 Schedule for Sra. Metcalf at HCAM
1st Hour - Planning Period
2nd Hour - Spanish 1
3rd Hour - Spanish 1
4th Hour - Spanish 1

Since we are an elective class, we have sufficient class time to complete all projects & classwork.   If your student needs extra help, I'm here for her or him!!  It's best to contact me via e-mail at   

I'm looking forward to a year of learning AND FUN!