Joyner, Sarah

My name is Mrs. Sarah Joyner
This is my fist year at HCAM but my 17th year teaching!
Social Studies, Sociology, and Psychology Teacher
MS in Social Studies
MA in Sociology

Contact Information:
Phone:  828-328-6738  ext. 112

Class Schedule:  2018-2019

   Semester 1 Semester 2 
1st: C.O.R.E Planning
2nd: World History World History
3rd: Planning Sociology Honors
4th:       Teen Leadership Psychology Honors

Student Expectations: 

World History is one of the 3 required Social Studies classes you must pass to receive your High School Diploma.  At the end of the semester all students are required to take an End of Course (EOC) exam prepared by the state.  The goal of this class is to gain the knowledge to not only be proficient on the EOC exam, but to understand the global make up of the world.  Students are expected to come to class prepared and be ready to work.   These are in addition to the Hickory Career & Arts Magnet Student Handbook guidelines that we adhere to in every class.  Attend class, have a good attitude, and be ready to learn.