Finley, Jackie
Welcome to the HCAM Theatre Arts Performing Arts class!

Current Schedule:
1st Period:  Theatre Arts
2nd Period:  Theatre Production
3rd Period:  Visual Arts (CORE classroom)
4th Period:  Planning (Coaching Fall Women's Tennis Team at HHS)

Contact Information:  
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Graduate of ECU BA in Education, Certification in Theatre Arts K-12, Certification in Visual Arts
Past teaching experience in Virginia Beach (Kindergarten), Alexander Schools
(K-1), Catawba County Schools Creative Drama (K-6), Hickory Day School Creative Drama and Visual Arts (K-8), HCAM HS Theatre Arts/Visual Arts since 2010
30 years+ in Performing Arts
Resident of Hickory since 1985
Husband Allen Finley

Syllabus:  Students will explore and discover several aspects of Theatre Arts through activities which will include creative movement, pantomime, improvisation, play writing, play reading, Theatre History, and technical theatre.  All culminates with productions for each semester.  Our Fall performance provides opportunities for our students' to "show off" their talents in all the arts;  music, dance, drama, visual arts.  Our Spring semester is the big fully produced production which is usually familiar to the public as in last year's "The Lion King."  

Daily Routine:  If you were to walk into the classroom on a daily basis, you would find a typical day, which begins in the "circle of love."  At this time, we share good new.  This can mean everything from events of the week of excitement, birthday celebrations or just that we are happy to be alive!  Our day also includes a warm up or bell ringer, to encourage flexibility, creativity, problem solving or just stretching our bodies and minds all for the purpose of losing our inhibitions.
Following our beginning exercises, we then turn our attention to the Learning Target for the day/week.  This is the objective for the day as students learn and practice a new concept.  This is followed by an activity which is student directed/teacher guided to prove their understanding of the new concept.  
At the end of the period the teacher should have a good idea with the use of a variety of assessment tools, usually in the form of informal presentations, of the students' understanding or lack of.
Students can expect to not only have an appreciation for Theatre, but also gain the confidence needed to conduct themselves in any environment where they are put in front of others without losing their "cool."  Or you could just say, "we act up in class!"