About Us

Hickory Career & Arts Magnet is a new and fresh approach to high school that offers students hands-on learning opportunities focused on career interest areas.

Students at HCAM may choose from 8 career academies through which they will begin to develop the knowledge and skills of that career while completing all high school requirements.  By the end of four years at HCAM, students can earn a high school diploma, four to five college credits and, in many cases, a career area certificate.

During the first two years at HCAM, students will explore their selected career area while taking core high school classes.  During their junior and senior years, students will spend half of each school day in college courses within their career academy.

HCAM offers students a different high school experience, one where…

  • The future starts now!
  • Career prep begins before college.
  • Students get a jump on the real world.

Is HCAM for you? 

HCAM is career-acceleration high school with technical and arts centered academies. Students will take high school credit coursework and choose a career program area with classes that can provide college credit and certification.

HCAM is future-focused, and is designed for students who are looking for a unique, non-traditional high school experience.

Vision Statement:

"Embracing Creativity to Support Student Academic Success"

Mission Statement:

Hickory Career and Arts Magnet will pursue excellence in teaching and learning by providing engaging, creative, student-oriented learning opportunities for all students.

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